ReadWriteServe Tutor Training & Support Program

ReadWriteServe--Partnership for Literacy Action Initiatives brings together UNC Charlotte and community-based resources to address increasingly complex literacy needs of students and their families through service, research and community-based programs that are culturally relevant and focused on community needs.

ReadWriteServe (RWS) provides training and support for tutors working with K-12 students. On this website you'll find information about getting started in tutoring, mentoring or reading with students and strategies for helping readers and learners who need support in their comprehension, fluency, word learning, and decoding as well as tips for those who mentor.

  • Tutoring 101 provides basic and essential information about tutoring K-12 students including what to do during the first meeting, setting expectations, evaluation, and planning tutoring sessions.

  • Tutoring Fundamentals includes more indpeth information to tutors and learners face key challenges in literacy tutoring: comprehension, vocabulary and sight words, fluency, decoding and more.

  • Tutor Training has details about upcoming tutoring sessions as well as online resources. We offer introductory Tutoring 101 sessions as well as topic-specific Tutoring 201 workshops.

  • Mentors & Readers provides information about mentoring students for those whose role is not primarily tutoring and for those who are reading aloud with children but not tutoring.

  • Other Resources including links to download the Literacy PALS Tutor Handbook, tutoring forms and materials, the RWS Tutor blog and links to other resources.

The Center for Adolescent Literacies at UNC Charlotte works in collaboration with the United Way of Central Carolina to support Project 1,000, an initiative of the United Way to recruit, train and support 1,000-plus tutors, mentors and readers in our community. Below is a video that provides additional information about Project 1,000.